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Franchise Finance Program

We offer something extremely unique to the Franchise Financing World.

Combine a working capital program with our equipment program offering up to 5x traditional franchise financing.

This allows the Franchisee to keep their reserves, pay for franchise fees, Tenant Improvements, Advertising, and provide runway money until they are profitable.

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Our Equipment Program will Provide:


Higher Amounts of Financing

Tailored programs that offer franchisees higher amounts of funding for both equipment and working capital.

Wider Credit Profiles Accepted

This is due to the prequalification of the Franchisor and the unique programs specifically designed for the Franchisor.

Extension of Franchisors Sales Team

Blue Tree cares about every deal and will work with your team to ensure every franchisee gets 100% customer service.

Here’s How to Work with Blue Tree Funding

Provide FDD

Provide a copy of most recent FDD.

Invoice Showing Equipment

Provide a sample invoice listing all equipment.

50+ Locations

Confirmation that the Franchisor has at least 50 current running locations.

Total Financing

A list of total financing that will be needed for the franchise.


Franchisors projections for 6mo, 12mo, and 2 yrs.

Get Started

What We Are Looking For:


Franchise with good track record showing minimum of 50+ open locations



Minimum of $20k in equipment per franchise per application



Franchise seeking help to scale their business by offering better terms to their franchisees


Why Blue Tree Funding?

Our specialty franchise financing is truly unique and the best in the industry. Our experienced team understands Franchises and the difficulty of finding financial partners to help expand their brand. Blue Tree is extremely proud of what we have created and love helping our partners succeed.