Invoice Financing

Blue Tree offers the most competitive and flexible Invoice Financing available

Set up your account in less than 5 working days with limits as little a $10,000 per month up to $10,000,000 in credit line facilities

Once we set up a customer on a receivable based financing program we can offer additional financial options:

  • Supply chain financing, 
  • Short Term Cash advances against future orders and purchase order financing

Whether you deal with seasonal sales or fluctuating capital demands these options increase your ability to grow and satisfy your cash flow needs.

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Bank loans may take a long time

Bank loans may take a long time, a lot of documentation, probable credit check, and a lot of waiting.

Invoice factoring isn’t a loan. Invoice factoring is selling outstanding invoices to a third party – a ‘factor’ – at a discount in exchange for cash.

Qualification is based on your customers, not you. If they check out, you may instantly receive up to 90-95% of the invoice. When the invoice is paid to the factor, you receive the balance minus the factor’s fees.

You could potentially receive more money than from a conventional bank loan. The money is yours to use for your business as you deem appropriate.

For more information on how Factoring or Invoice Factoring could work for your business: