Prefunding A/R / Billing (Medical Only)

Free Yourself from Medical Billing Uncertainty

Blue Tree Funding is excited to be partnered with Nobility. Nobility provides financial management, professional medical billing services, and practice management in order to improve your business’s financial and practice performance. Their full suite of services will maximize your business’s productivity.
Medical Insurance

Program Benefits

Get paid upfront

100% predictable income

Stabilize your revenue

Reduce your overhead

Financial support without a loan

No personal guarantees

Nobility Pre-Funding Program

The “Nobility Pre-Funding Program” allows eligible medical businesses to get their accounts receivable to “Zero”. Their unique program puts cash in your hand through all of the services your business may provide. Nobility will pay you, and then collect from the insurance company- therefore always putting your business first. Their Pre-Funding Program also does not require personal guarantees like a loan or other cash infusion. Further, the program allows for your accounts receivable to recover. Over time, due to patient balances and claim denials, many practices experience an increase in accounts receivable. This is valuable cash that could  be recouped for operating expenses. Nobility will help you get that money in your bank fast and collect on the outstanding claims for you. Finally, when a practice is experiencing rapid growth it often needs cash to fill the gap created by the delay in reimbursements. Nobility will help to provide a cash infusion that will cover payroll, supplies, or even equipment. This will allow your business to operate under all lines of credit. 

Nobility’s professional medical billing services allow for full medical claims submission and collection through custom pricing- determined by claim volume, specialty, etc., typically between 3-8%. Their billing services also provide chart/coding audits, coding audits and consulting, insurance verification and pre-authorization, and payer contracting. 

When chart/coding auditing, many practices are concerned about whether they are maximizing their coding to get the highest reimbursement available to them. Chart auditing is a great way to ensure your E&M or surgical coding documentation meets industry requirements and prompts appropriate allowable reimbursement for services you perform. Practices seeking a more in-depth review of their documentation or working to improve their coding acumen find this process especially beneficial. Clients are also able to contact our coding experts who are available for hourly review and discussion of your coding and reimbursement issues. Nobility will provide advice on E&M for most specialties and surgical coding. 

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