Traditional or Non-Traditional Funding: Think outside the bank.

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Purchasing a new home, finding the perfect vehicle, starting or growing your business or finding an office space in the perfect location. These major milestones all share one common denominator, funding.

What comes to mind?
Most individuals immediately consider the traditional, stressful method of funding through a bank or credit union. But what if I told you there are options to avoid this dreadful and costly process? Non-traditional funding allows you to think outside the bank and can be the bridge to your success. The use of non-traditional funding has skyrocketed in popularity amongst small businesses in the past several years and for great reasons.

So, what is “non-traditional” funding?
Non-traditional funding is any financing which occurs outside of the standard bank. One of the major benefits of non-traditional funding is the expedited lending process which can typically take several months for approval.

What are the differences between non-traditional and traditional funding?

Did you know?
SmallBizTrends reported 82% of small businesses have failed in the past as result of insufficient funding. Don’t let financing prevent your success when non-traditional funding is at your fingertips. Blue Tree Funding is here to help.